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Founder | Director, London

"Ruby-Rose is a highly skilled leadership coach who offers sound strategic insights and impressive communication skills. She possesses the perfect balance between strength and empathy and her views are always informative because she understands businesses and the people behind them.


It is an absolute pleasure to work with Ruby-Rose because she not only delivers, but she does her work with a clear set of values that can only enrich the businesses and teams she works with."

Sarah Szlaboda.jpg


Digital Strategist, Toronto

"Ruby Rose is the ultimate champion for anyone looking to take their career and life to the next level, but aren’t sure how. Her ability to listen and absorb a variety of thoughts and goals, and distill them to an actionable game plan has been invaluable to me. She has quickly become my go-to for professional and personal guidance thanks to her exceptional calm and logical approach to achieving my goals, while providing bigger-picture context to assuage any fears. If you are ready to move forward with inspiration and a clear vision, you’d be hard pressed to be in better hands than Ruby Rose’s." 

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SMB Consultant, London

"Ruby Rose leads highly activating coaching sessions that are full of insights, humour and will leave you brimming with energy and inspiration. Her keen awareness of how our professional and personal lives intersect makes her the perfect guide for finding the right balance to stay healthy and sane -- even when we're experiencing massive growth or choosing totally new directions for our life. 

Ruby helps identify the right priorities on an individual basis by grounding in core values and sources of confidence first, so that you're always pursuing your new opportunities or challenges from a place of synergy and total connection to who you are. Ruby Rose is a masterful holistic coach who I recommend to anybody looking for a dynamic partner through times of transformation and in building a more passion-driven life."



Copywriter, London

“Ruby Rose understood immediately where I was at, and helped me figure out where I want to be, which was far from what I thought before we started working together. It’s amazing how many 'mistakes' we make that impact our entire lives just because we are not asking ourselves the right questions. I’m still amazed by this discovery. Ruby Rose helped me open my eyes and my heart to see what was causing me to feel confused, lost and frustrated, I discovered my true motivations, which weren't what I had previously thought. I rid myself of limiting beliefs that were harmful to me and my happiness. 


I can say that “since I know what, I know how”, since I got to know my true nature, I feel aligned with my purpose. Making decisions is so much easier now that I make them in line with my inner self. It takes me much less time to clear my mind, to solve problems or to choose direction, and I can take steps with confidence. I feel in control of my life and my future. 


I can now organise myself better, without feeling stressed. I do things in a more relaxed way and I do more! With Ruby Rose, I also realised how capable I am, and how many strengths I have. I stopped paying attention to my insecurities and comparing myself to others which has boosted my self-esteem. I simply got the power to change my personal life, my professional life and my point of view of everything in a positive way. 


I’m so grateful, and now proud to have found the answers which existed inside myself in such a short time after being wondering for years. A million thanks Ruby for lighting up my mind and my life. 

I’m just happy! How difficult I thought it was, how easy it actually is, how good it feels. Pure Harmony. Working with Ruby Rose is not to be told about, but needs to be experienced first hand. THANK YOU Ruby Rose once again.



Strategy Consultant, New York

"Ruby Rose approaches coaching through a holistic lens, with a view towards growth and a sense of harmony in all aspects of a professional’s life. Ruby Rose's guidance throughout my career has been invaluable, helping me build the skills I needed to grow, succeed, and overcome challenges. Ruby Rose is so astute in identifying strengths in her clients and unlocking their potential, and so adept at co-creating and managing paths to success. Through the various phases of my life and career, I have found that the support I get from her coaching has enabled me to accelerate my learning and achieve my goals faster and more effectively. On a personal level, Ruby Rose has helped me build the tools, skillsets, and the confidence in my capabilities that I needed to take each progressive step in my career - I highly recommend Ruby Rose to help guide you in your journey."



Executive Health and Wellbeing Coach, Devon

"I was stuck! My instincts were telling me something wasn't right with the choice I had made but I simply could not figure out why it felt so wrong?! I am a coach...but I needed one to help me gain some clarity and to break through whatever was blocking me from moving forwards.

In stepped Ruby Rose, who put me through my paces. She challenged me to think about the beliefs that were limiting me, helped me explore new options and enabled me to gain a new perspective. I now have complete clarity as to what I am doing, where I am heading and how to get there. The bonus is that I have also regained my confidence to do so.

I do indeed feel more aligned and can definitely recommend Ruby Rose as your coach should you wish to be so too." 



Master of Science in Environmental Studies, Wales

"Ruby Rose helped me access resources, both internally and externally, which I wasn't aware I had, these resources have helped me  achieve my personal goals. 

I was feeling lost, confused and unsure of my next steps. Ruby Rose helped me to be aware of my inner strengths and to open my heart to understand why I was feeling lost and unmotivated. Through her coaching sessions, she has helped me realise my goals and where I want to  be right now; this has made me feel a lot lighter and stronger as well as more in control and confident with my life. Ruby Rose is very understanding and compassionate, I always felt understood and heard. She helped me make achievable plans which have been extremely helpful to me in my growth.  I am so grateful for this experience I had with Ruby Rose, it has helped me feel stronger and more in power of my life and plans. I wholeheartedly recommend Ruby Rose to anyone searching to expand themselves both personally and professionally." 

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Tech Influencer and Podcast Host for Coruzant Technologies, Missouri

"Ruby Rose is truly a servant leader in everything she does. As a client of hers, Ruby Rose always went the extra mile with everything she did during our coaching time. She not only cares about the outcome of the engagement, but she really does care about you! She is an amazing professional and I would highly recommend her to anybody needing to dig deep and reevaluate your personal or professional life. She's a gem!" 



Artist, Barcelona

"I sought coaching from Ruby Rose when I was going through a creative block as an artist. 

She was incredibly authentic and respectful to the connection I have with my art. Through our work together, I was able to carve out a meaningful path for myself and my work. She helped me to regain my confidence and enthusiasm and  gave me effective tools to help which I still use today in various aspects of my life."



Photographer, New York

"Ruby Rose is a successful business woman and has channelled her skills into being an efficient and compassionate coach. As a trained coach, she has aided me in honing in on my portfolio, outlining my goals and visions, and most importantly how to manage these aspects in a proactive fashion, achieving along with evaluating. I’ve worked with people that have been able to pinpoint a course of action, but Ruby Rose went above and beyond and was supportive during the execution of it. I’m blessed  to have worked with such a professional coach and support system and would definitely recommend her for anyone looking to transform their career and lives."

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